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general BluRay info

You can release your BluRay product 15 minutes from now for $0.00.
You simply upload artwork and your BluRay ISO file.

Kunaki has no minimums, commitments, memberships, contracts, or risks.
There are no setup, mastering, or hidden charges. You don't need money or a credit card to create BluRays with Kunaki.

Kunaki manufactures your BluRay in 24 hours with no premium surcharges.
If you order before noon (Pacific time) your BluRay order will ship the next day.

You can place small orders only when you need to. We keep your BluRays in our system so you can quickly re-order. Kunaki can manufacture and drop-ship 1 or more units to any address in about 24 hours.

You can use our sales pages to sell your BluRay at no cost to you.
Please see the distribute your BluRay section below for more information and examples.

You can use our automatic BluRay manufacturing and shipping system.
Use our XML, HTTP, PayPal, CSV, and manual interfaces to integrate your system and our manufacturing and shipping system.

available BluRay disc formats

BluRay Disc will play on all BluRay player. Max data size is 25 GB

available BluRay cases/packaging

BluRay Case Standard retail BluRay case with cellophane wrapping. Each BluRay case comes with 1 sided insert and full-color outer cover

BluRay Disc Only with no case Full-color disc with or without white paper sleeve.

Bluray prices

25 Gigabyte bluray disc with bluray case full color printing, 1-panel insert, outer cover, cellophane wrapping, 24-hour manufacturing

quantity USD $ price / unit
1-5000 $2.45

Bluray disc only with or without data (no case): full color disc printing with or without data, 24-Hour rush manufacturing

quantity USD $ price / unit
1-5000 $1.70

upload BluRay ISO file

If you have the ISO file for your BluRay you can use our web-based software to upload your ISO file to our system. We will manufacture BluRays with an exact copy of your ISO file.

upload artwork for BluRay disc and case

All artwork for the BluRay disc and case needs to be in JPG/JPEG format.

The disc print image you select should be square and without the circular or hub masks. Our software masks the cd and hub shape for you.

Our factory prints the disc, the case covers, and the inserts at 300 DPI / RGB no bleed.

Your monitor’s resolution is much less than 300 DPI. Therefore, the disc and case rendered on your monitor has a significantly lower resolution than the manufactured product.

Bleed areas are not needed. We use precise digital cutting machines that automatically adjust for print shift. However, we still suggest that you do not place text or lines adjacent to the edges.

The images you select for the disc print and package covers and insert will be stretched (resampled) to fit the package and disc. Therefore, they need not match the dimensions listed below. To minimize resampling you should select images that are at least proportional and preferably precisely equal to the dimensions listed below.

The table below lists the dimensions in millimeters, inches and pixels

BluRay disc print dimensions

  millimeters inches pixels
width: 118.00 4.65 1394
height: 118.00 4.65 1394

note: for disc images use a square image rather than a circular, masked image.

BluRay case print dimensions

  millimeters inches pixels
cover width: 266.00 10.50 3150
cover height: 148.00 5.80 1740
spine width: 12.00 0.47 141
insert width: 121.00 4.75 1425
insert height: 150.00 5.90 1770

distribute and ship your BluRay product

The biggest advantage to on-demand manufacturing is distribution. On-demand manufacturing opens the door to the most seamless, lowest cost, friction-free distribution capabilities for your BluRay products. It offers you the highest payouts for your product and is the path of least resistance. Easily change, discontinue, and create new BluRays.

frequently asked questions

How long has Kunaki been in business?
Kunaki has been operating since July, 2005.

How long does Kunaki archive my BluRay product?
Kunaki deletes DVD products if there are zero sales in a 180 day period. You can keep your product archived by purchasing at least one unit every 180 days.

What is the quality of the manufactured product?
DVDs manufactured in our facility look and feel as good or better than similar DVDs found in retail outlets. We print digitally in full color directly on the disc surface, and case inserts and covers. We don’t use peel-able labels or inkjet printers. Our cases are sealed with cellophane over-wrap.

Do I retain copyright to my product?
Yes, you retain full copyright to your product. More information about registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Does Kunaki offer their manufacturing and fulfillment service as an XML web service?
Yes, You can integrate our manufacturing and fulfillment service directly into your own application. Our XML service API is available here.

Do I have to be on a label to use the Kunaki service?
No, anyone can publish. There are no restrictions or qualifications, and you don’t need permission from anyone.

How do I setup an account with Kunaki?
You open an account when you created a product.

Does Kunaki use labels?
No, we use UV-cured inkjet that is waterproof and smudge proof. Many duplicators use cheap printing, packaging, and cellophane wrapping. However, we represent a revolution in disc manufacturing. Our printing, packaging, and cellophane wrapping quality is the best in the industry.

Does Kunaki replicate (press) or duplicate BluRay discs?
Kunaki duplicates BluRays. Duplication has made major strides over the last few years. Today mediocre duplication is superior to bad replication. And superior duplication is better than mediocre replication. Lastly, superior duplication is every bit as good as the best replication.

How many BluRays can I publish?
You can create and publish as many BluRays as you wish. However, BluRays not purchased for a period of 180 days will be deleted automatically without warning.

Can I modify my BluRay product after it is published on your system?
No. We do not offer editing capabilities. You can create a new BluRay product.

Does Kunaki offer 2-panel or 4-panel (4 page) inserts or booklets for my BluRay case?
For BluRay cases we only offer 1-panel (1 sheet - front) inserts.

Does Kunaki only offer standard blue BluRay cases?

Can Kunaki place two or more discs in a case?

Can I use my own bar code?
Yes. If you have your own bar code you can embed it into your artwork. Make sure NOT to select the ‘add bar code’ option in Step 1 of the software.

Is the Kunaki issued bar code unique to my BluRay jewel case?

Does Kunaki require my DVD product have a bar code?

Does Kunaki offer 4-panel (4 page) inserts or booklets for my DVD jewel case?
For DVD jewel cases we only offer 2-panel (1 sheet - front and back) inserts.

Does Kunaki offer transparent tray jewel cases?

Can Kunaki place two or more discs in a case?

Does your software accept Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop formats?
You can use any software to create your artwork but then render it to JPEG with 300 DPI.

What is the maximum content size with BluRays?
The maximum content size is 25 Gigabytes.

What shipping options do you offer?
We offer various options depending on the quantity, and destination. These options include: USPS First Class Mail, Air Mail, USPS Media Mail, USPS Priority Mail International, Economy Air, UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air Saver.

Does Kunaki ship overseas?
Yes, we ship overseas with Air Mail, and USPS Priority Mail International

Does Kunaki offer free bar codes?
Kunaki offers free bar codes for CD jewel and DVD cases only.

Can I use my own bar code?
Yes. You will have to embed your bar code into your artwork. We will not generate it for you.

Can I purchase a bar code from Kunaki?
No. Our bar codes are free -- but can only be used for products manufactured by Kunaki.

Can I use the bar code that Kunaki issued to me to use on a product that is not manufactured by kunaki?

Are the Kunaki bar codes registered with SoundScan?
No. You can do so.

Can I get the Kunaki bar code without the statement ‘Distributed by Kunaki LLC’?
No. You can purchase your own bar code and then embed it into your artwork and thereby eliminate any reference to Kunaki.

Does Kunaki offer free bar codes?
Kunaki offers free bar codes for CD jewel and DVD cases only.

create your bluray

Video-BluRay - that will play
on all BluRay video players

ISO file -- If you have the ISO file (25 GB or less) for your Blu-ray you can use our web-based software to upload your ISO file and artwork files to our system.



Empty Printed BluRay Disc with no case

BluRay printed disc without data -- You can use our web-based software to upload your Bluray disc artwork to our system.




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