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Retail quality.    Full-color, glossy, fully assembled, cellophane-wrapped, high-quality, retail-ready products with free UPC bar codes.

No minimums, commitments, or contracts.    And, no setup, mastering, or hidden charges.

No risk.    We send you a free review copy of your product.

Fast and simple.    Design, configure, and manufacture in one day. Use our software to design your disc, case, inserts; and select your contents.

Order what you need when you need it.    We can drop-ship to any address. Just-in-time production means risk-free, zero warehousing costs.

Automatic fulfillment.    Use our XML, HTTP, web service, PayPal, CSV, and manual interfaces to manufacture and ship one or more units to your customers.

Publish at no cost to you.   You can create various sales pages for your products so you can sell easily on your web site or facebook site. Our automated factory accepts credit-card, and paypal orders on your behalf. Then we manufacture and ship your products to your customers. We report sales with customer names/addresses to you and send you a check each month for an amount equal to the quantity sold multiplied by the price you set.
CD includes:
full color CD printing
jewel case
full color 2-panel insert
full color tray card
cellophane wrapping
UPC bar code
24-Hour rush
DVD includes:
full color DVD printing
DVD case
full color 1-panel insert
full color DVD case cover
cellophane wrapping
UPC bar code
24-hour rush
Prices include all above.
1-5 units$1.10
6-99 units$1.90
100-199 units$1.54
200-299 units$1.49
300-499 units$1.48
500-749 units$1.21
750-999 units$0.99
1000+ units$0.88

1+ units printed CD/DVD disc w data (no case) $0.40
1+ units printed CD/DVD disc wo data (no case) $0.40

Click on prices above to see shipping options and prices
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