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Virtual CD and DVD products cut your distribution costs by up to 99 percent and vastly increase your distribution opportunities.

July 29 2022

The virtual CD and DVD come with the same packaging as the phyical version (CD jewel/jacket/disc only and DVD case/jacket/disc-only) and comes with a virtual player that operates the same as as a physical CD and DVD player. The operation and experience of playing a virtual CD / DVD is identical to playing a physical CD/DVD.

Virtual products dramatically cut your costs of distribution as well as speed up the delivery of your products to just minutes. There are no manufacturing and shipping costs. Additionally, virtual products bypass foreign customs, tariffs, and value added taxes. You can distribute to every country. Lastly, there is a huge audience that does not have CD or DVD players.

Every physical DVD and CD you created on Kunaki for the last 17 years is now also available in virtual format. You do not need to create a separate virtual version. Kunaki has gone back and virtualized every CD and DVD that is in your account.

You can login to your Kunaki account and check each virtual version.

Experience: CD / DVD

How to distribute virtual CDs and DVDs:

Option 1. You can set the retail price to zero and Kunaki will give you a link you can paste onto your social media post or web site or email it, and it will be availabel to everyone around the world without password protection and free. This option can be used for promotional purposes as an introductory product. This option is free. There is no cost to you. This means no manufacturing or shipping fees.

Option 2. You can set the price above zero and then copy and paste a list of email addresses to Kunaki and then Kunaki will email each recipient with a link to the virtual version with an associated unique password associated with each email address. This way only those with permission can access the contents of your CD and DVD. (Experience: CD / DVD ) The password is valid for one year and allows unlimited streaming/download for each recipient.

The cost fot this service is $1.00 per recipient per year. There are no manufacturing, shipping, customs or duties costs.

Option 3. You can set the retail price for your virtual version and enable the paypal sales page for a CD or DVD product. Kunaki will then provide you with a sales page link you can link to your social media post of web site. Your customers can then purchase your virtual version with paypal and the retail sales proceeds will instantly flow into your paypal account.

The cost fot this service is $1.00 per recipient per year. There are no manufacturing, shipping, customs or duties costs.

It will take you less than 2 minutes to try it.

Note 1: Video DVDs do not support menus. If you have menus the virtual version plays the full video contents without the menus.

Note 2: If your CD is an Audio CD disc then the virtual version will stream the audio track by track identically to how a CD player operates. If your DVD is a Video DVD the virtual version will stream your video content identically to how a DVD player operates. If you have data files on your CD or DVD then the virtual version allows the recipient to download the data.

If you have questions please email CustomerService@kunaki.com