vinyl records for all

Publish your vinyl record in about 5 minutes. Then distribute your free-virtual-record with a free-virtual-record-player worldwide.

A buy-button on the player lets customers buy the real 12-inch stereo vinyl record with labels, jacket, dust-cover, and cellophane wraping. No upfront cost to you. We manufacture and ship within 24 hours.


frequently asked questions

  • How do virtual records compare to real records?
  • They are identical. Just as stereo grooves are pressed into real vinyl, identical stereo grooves are pressed into virtual vinyl and generate the same audio quality. Both have two sides, labels and jackets.
  • How does the virtual record player compare to real record players?
  • They are identical and offer an identical experience. Both rotate records at 33 RPM. You click the ON-button and move the tone-arm to the position you wish to listen to. The tone-arm needle follows the grooves. Flip the record to listen to the other side.
  • How do kunaki records compare with industry standard records?
  • They are identical and made from the same vinyl material, stereo, 1.5 mm thick, 130 grams, 12 inch diameter with a full-color 300gsm jacket. Kunaki's competitors require large orders and 3-month turn-around times. Kunaki offers higher quality, no mimimums and 24 hour turn-arounds.
  • Does the virtual player require special software or downloading an app?
  • No, the virtual player runs on every device browser without add-ons or downloads: Windows, Android, Apple, Mac, IPhone, Tablets, Pads, IE, Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
  • How do I distribute my record?
  • We provide a link you insert into your web site, facebook, twitter, email. Your audience clicks the link and receives a record player with your record. No membership, registration, signups, ads, no nothing.
  • What is better: virtual or real?
  • Virtual is better. The market for virtual is about 8 billion people while the market for real vinyl is small, rich, and elite. Think about it. When a button click transforms virtual into real, then virtual is real.
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