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How is digital manufacturing different from traditional manufacturing?

You design and configure your product (case, disc, inserts, cover art, contents) with our publishing software. The software renders a precise 3-D replica of your product and lets you modify and review different possibilities. The software compiles your product's content, packaging, art-work into a single digital file and uploads it to our facility.

Then a seamless, automated system accepts orders; manufactures, prints, assembles, packages, wraps, and ships your product in minutes.

Digital manufacturing eliminates setup costs, coordination, human error and most labor costs. This yields a constant low production cost for all quantity levels -- so you can order smaller quantities with minimal upfront and warehousing costs.

What are the benefits of digital CD /DVD manufacturing?

  • You can order small quantities whenever you need them at the same low price.
  • You don't incur risk, upfront costs, and inventory.
  • Your time to market is faster and easier. You can design, configure and manufacture in one day.
  • You get retail quality, cellophane wrapped products with free UPC bar codes (more information about UPC bar codes is available here).
  • You can use our "publish at no cost to you" service (Details below).
  • We can drop-ship directly to stores, and customers. Distributors can be restocked when needed.
  • You can sell your products at CD Baby (more info) and Amazon (more info) and Kunaki can manufacture and drop-ship inventory to these and other retail outlets.
  • You can integrate our digital manufacturing system into your own process with our XML order entry system. Your process sends our facility an order (name, address, and product id) in XML format and we manufacture and ship directly to the recipient. More information about our XML web service is here.

What distribution services does Kunaki offer?

The biggest advantage to on-demand manufacturing is distribution. On-demand manufacturing opens the door to the most seamless, lowest cost, friction-free distribution capabilities. It offers you the highest payouts for your product and is without question the path of least resistance to where you wish to go.

Moreover, on-demand manufacturing allows you to minimize inventory and have maximum flexibility. You can easily change your product, discontinue products, and create new products. This is what the 21st century is all about.

  • Sell your product on your web site or facebook page at no cost to you with paypal. All sales proceeds come directly into your own paypal account. While the sales proceeds flow directly into your paypal account, the order information (name, address, items ordered) flows directly to Kunaki. As sales occur you log into your Kunaki account and fund the pending orders. As soon as your orders are funded Kunaki fulfills the order.

    The advantage of this option is that you control the revenue and only pay kunaki the cost of manufacturing ($1.20) and the cost of shipping.


    If your product price is $20.00 and $5.20 for shipping your paypal revenue will be $25.20. You will pay Kunaki $1.20 for manufacturing and $5.20 for shipping for a total expense of $6.40. Your net payout will be $18.80.

  • Use Kunaki to drop ship to your customers, stores, distributors. You may use your own methods to sell your product. You may sell your products on your own Amazon or eBay store. Your products may be sold on other retail and wholesale outlets. As you get orders, you can log into your Kunaki account and drop ship one or more products directly to your customers or outlets. You will receive the tracking ids for each order.

    This drop-ship capability reduces your shipping expenses because the shipment goes directly to where you need it. And, of course you do not need to manufacture and store inventory.

  • If you wish to manufacture and ship 100 units to a single address your total manufacturing cost is ($1.65/unit) or $165.00 plus $46.00 for UPS Ground shipping.

  • Use Kunaki's multiple recipient fulfillment system. You can insert (manually or with a CSV list) multiple names and addresses and have Kunaki ship your products to a list of recipients. You will receive the tracking ids for each recipient. Many Kunaki publishers use this feature to fulfill subscription orders.
  • Kunaki XML service. The XML Web service is an alternative to the product sales pages and allows distributers and publishers to send CD / DVD manufacturing and fulfillment orders to our manufacturing and fulfillment facility. This service is for customers with significant order flows and an ability to accept credit card orders and handle customer service. We provide you with a real time accounting system that details each order with product id, quantity, date, and recipient with address.

    All XML orders are designated as pending until payment is made. You can login to your kunaki account and pay for all pending orders with your credit card or with Paypal. Once payment is made your pending orders are processed and shipped. You can also fund your account by prepaying with a credit card and if there is a sufficient balance in your account subsequent orders will be processed and shipped immediately.

  • Fulfill orders yourself. You can periodically order bulk units of your products and sell them directly to your customers. You can also fulfill orders yourself. Order only those quantities that you think you need and then order more when you need more.

What is good about Kunaki?

Kunaki probably offers the highest quality, lowest prices and fastest CD / DVD production in the world. As a result, we are probably the fastest growing CD / DVD manufacturer in the world.

Kunaki's "publish at no cost to you" service yields much higher payouts to publishers and artists than any other channel.

What is bad about Kunaki?

Kunaki is not for everyone.

Kunaki operates more like a machine than a business and does not offer a personalized service. We don't engage in active marketing, sales, or public relations. We never offer discounts or special deals. We don't offer affiliate or partner programs. The Kunaki machine is operated and managed by software rather than a management team.

Our service is designed for 21st-century, intelligent, independent publishers who prefer to deal with a cold, efficient, and reliable machine that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Because Kunaki is highly automated and focused on quality, low price, and fast production, we offer a minimal range of options.

How long has Kunaki been in business?

Kunaki has been operating since July, 2005.

How long does Kunaki archive my CD/DVD product?

Kunaki deletes CD /DVD products if there are zero sales in a 180 day period. You can keep your product archived by purchasing at least one unit every 180 days.

What is the quality of the manufactured product?

CDs and DVDs manufactured in our facility look and feel as good or better than similar products found in retail outlets. We print digitally in full color directly on the disc surface, and case inserts and covers. We don't use peel-able labels or inkjet printers. Our cases are sealed with cellophane over-wrap.

Do I retain copyright to my product?

Yes, you retain full copyright to your product. More information about registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office is available here.

Does Kunaki offer their manufacturing and fulfillment service as an XML web service?

Yes, You can integrate our manufacturing and fulfillment service directly into your own application. Our XML service API is available here.

Does Kunaki offer volume discounts for large orders?

No. Kunaki does not offer discounts and does not negotiate special deals. Kunaki does not respond to "requests for a quote" and does not bid on jobs.

Can I become a reseller of Kunaki services?

Yes. More information is here

I have more questions. Can kunaki provide me with more information?

An extensive list of questions and answers is available at: https://kunaki.com/answers1.asp

How do I contact Kunaki?

Contact us.