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Kunaki distribution capabilities

The biggest advantage to on-demand manufacturing is distribution. On-demand manufacturing opens the door to the most seamless, lowest cost, friction-free distribution capabilities for your CDs, DVDs, Vinyl Records, and Bluray products. It offers you the highest payouts for your product and is the path of least resistance to distribution.

On-demand manufacturing minimizes inventory and cost and maximizes flexibility. Easily change, discontinue, and create new CD, DVD, Vinyl record, and BluRay products.

  • Sell your CD, DVD, Vinyl record, and Bluray on your web site or sites like facebook/twitter at no cost to you with paypal. The sales proceeds flow directly into your paypal account. The order information (name, address, items ordered) flows directly to Kunaki. As sales occur you log into your Kunaki account and fund the pending orders. As soon as your orders are funded Kunaki fulfills the orders.

    You control the revenue and only pay kunaki the cost of manufacturing and shipping.


    If your CD product price is $20.00 and $5.20 for shipping your paypal revenue will be $25.20. You will pay Kunaki $1.20 for manufacturing and $5.20 for shipping for a total expense of $6.40. Your net payout will be $18.80.

  • Use Kunaki to drop ship CDs, DVDs, Vinyl records, Blurays to your customers, stores, distributors.

    This drop-ship capability reduces your shipping expenses because the shipment goes directly to where you need it. And, of course you do not need to manufacture and store inventory.

  • Use Kunaki's multiple recipient fulfillment system to fulfill CD, DVD, Vinyl record, and bluray orders. You can insert (manually or with a CSV list) multiple names and addresses and have Kunaki ship your products to a list of recipients. You will receive the tracking ids for each recipient. Many Kunaki publishers use this feature to fulfill subscription orders.

  • Kunaki XML and HTML service. The XML Web service is an alternative to the product sales pages and allows distributers and publishers to send CD / DVD / Vinyl records and blurays orders to our manufacturing and fulfillment facility. This service is for customers with significant order flows and an ability to accept credit card orders and handle customer service. We provide you with a real time accounting system that details each order with product id, quantity, date, and recipient with address.

  • Fulfill orders yourself. You can periodically order bulk units of your products and sell them directly to your customers. You can also fulfill orders yourself. Order only those quantities that you think you need and then order more when you need more.