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cd / dvd disc printing with no data

This is the simplest, fastest, lowest-cost, and best disc printer around. It is in the cloud and requires no user-id and no password.
cd disc type:CMC CD-R, 48X, 80 mins/700 MB, diamond-dye (same as replicated CD), hub-printable
dvd disc type:CMC DVD-R, 16X, 4.7 GB
printing methodUV-cured inkjet printing (edge to edge). (You can soak the printed discs in a bathtub with no impact)
price:$0.40/unit (cd and dvd) -- includes disc and printing
minimum order:1 unit. You can upload up to 10 different titles within one order.
samples:You can order one unit for $0.40 plus $0.60 for shipping.
speed:Orders are shipped within 24 hours.
artwork specifications:diameter: 1394 pixels -- RGB/16bit/no bleed.
Select a disc image (jpg/jpeg) that is square without the circle or hub mask.
The software makes the disc and hub mask from your image and stretches your image to fit the disc.
Best reults are obtained if you use the dimensions above.


Image01 Image 02 Image01