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Business arrangements.
Kunaki is revolutionizing the way CDs and DVDs are manufactured and distributed. We offer the highest quality at the lowest price at the fastest speed.

Kunaki does not wish to be viewed as a company. Kunaki prefers to be viewed as a machine.

Kunaki receives numerous requests for business arrangements. Kunaki does not seek affiliations or business arrangements with other parties.

Prospective business partners can use Kunaki as they would use any machine. Kunaki permits value-added reselling of our services under your name and your prices. Examples of value added services include:

  • Designing and developing products on behalf of musicians and videographers.
  • Mastering, configuring and uploading products to our facility.
  • Providing consulting, promotion, distribution, retailing services.

If your planned activities make sense to you, Kunaki suggests you simply do it. Kunaki is not actively interested in your plans and activities.

Also, Kunaki does not negotiate special price arrangements or offer volume discounts.