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UPC bar code
The Kunaki CD / DVD publishing software can add a Kunaki UPC bar code to your product. There is no fee for the bar code.

You can add your own bar code or not use a bar code. Many retail outlets, like Amazon.com and CD Baby, require a UPC bar code.

Please note the following regarding the Kunaki bar code:

  • If you select to use a Kunaki UPC bar code, the Kunaki software will place the bar code automatically on the bottom, right hand side of the back of the jewel or DVD case. You cannot change the location of the bar code. Our publishing software shows you where the bar code is placed on your case.
  • You cannot add a Kunaki bar code for an existing published product. You will have to create a new product.
  • You cannot transfer an existing bar code to a new product. Each product is issued a new bar code with a unique UPC number.
  • You cannot use a Kunaki bar code for products not manufactured by Kunaki.
  • If you use your own UPC bar code you will need to embed your own bar code into your package design.