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Artwork Information

    1. The disc print image you select should be square and without the circular or hub masks. Our software masks the cd and hub shape for you.

    2. The images you select for the disc print and package covers and insert will be stretched (resampled) to fit the package and disc. Therefore, they need not match the dimensions listed below. To minimize resampling you should select images that are at least proportional and preferably precisely equal to the dimensions listed below.

    3. Our factory prints the disc, the case covers, and the inserts at 300 DPI / RGB no bleed.

    4. Your monitor's resolution is much less than 300 DPI. Therefore, the disc and case rendered on your monitor has a significantly lower resolution than the manufactured product.

    5. Bleed areas are not needed. We use precise digital cutting machines that automatically adjust for print shift. However, we still suggest that you do not place text or lines adjacent to the edges.

    6. The table below lists the dimensions in millimeters, inches and pixels

cd and dvd disc print dimensions
note: for disc images use a square image rather than a circular, masked image.
dvd case print dimensions
cover width:274.0010.793236
cover height:184.007.242173
spine width:14.000.55165
insert width:127.005.001500
insert height:184.157.252175
jewel case print dimensions
front cover width:120.504.741423
front cover height:119.504.701411
insert width:120.504.741423
insert height:119.504.701411
tray card (includes two spines) width:150.025.911772
tray card (includes two spines) height:117.254.621385
spine width:6.250.2574
jacket case print dimensions
cover width:254.0010.003000
cover height:127.005.001500
blu-ray case print dimensions
cover width:266.0010.503150
cover height:148.005.801740
spine width:120.47141
insert width:1214.751425
insert height:1505.901770
vinyl case print dimensions
cover width:31112.253675
cover height:31112.253675
record label width:1024.001200
record label height:1024.001200
Note: picture vinyl images appear under the grooves. For both the A side and B side
picture vinyl width:30011.83540
picture vinyl height:30011.83540