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Download the Kunaki CD / DVD Publishing Software below.

The publishing software will guide you through the process:
  • You select the product type (audio, video, ebook, game, data), and enter product information like title, publisher, author.
  • You select and design your dvd or jewel case and disc print. Use our automated design system or custom design your own.
  • You select the disc content by selecting your existing source CD/DVD.
  • Your product design, and content are compiled into a master product you test and review.
  • You click the publish button and your master product uploads itself to our facility.
  • Your publisher account is created for you. You manage and order your product by accessing your publisher account.
Click here to download the CD / DVD publishing software.
(You do not need a user account to start.)
Our small, simple, friendly, publishing software downloads in about 1 minute; does not use Active-X components, special drivers; and can be uninstalled easily.