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Amazon's Advantage program lets you work directly with the Internet's leading retailer to market your CD and DVD products to customers.

It's simple and easy to apply. You submit one or more titles for consideration. If your application is approved, you simply list your products, provide descriptive content, and ship units to the Amazon warehouse. When customers purchase your titles, Amazon processes orders within 24 hours. Amazon monitors your inventory and sends you an e-mail request for additional copies based on customer demand. There is an annual fee of $29.95 and Amazon's commission rates are 55%.

In addition to Amazon.com, your products will automatically be available on other major web sites, including: Borders.com, CDnow.com, Target.com, VirginMega.com and Waldenbooks.com.

Please familiarize yourself with all the rules. For example, your product will require a UPC bar code placed on the bottom right hand corner of the back of the product. Products also need to be cellophane wrapped. Products manufactured by Kunaki are retail ready for Amazon's Advantage program. Kunaki also offers a free UPC bar code which is printed in the correct area of the product. Read more about Kunaki's UPC bar codes here.

You can use Kunaki to manufacture and drop-ship to Amazon to restock your Amazon inventory when neededt.

To get more information and sign up to Amazon's Advantage program go to the Amazon web site and click on the "Join Advantage" link which you will find at the bottom of the page.